If God Is Within Her, She Will NOT Fail. -Psalm 46:5
If God Is Within Her, She Will NOT Fail. -Psalm 46:5
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How Do You Keep Forgetting About YOU?!

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Heyyyyyy PrettyGirls!
Happy Freaking Friday!!! Yall know how we feel about Friday and its anticipation, LOL. The week can be so draining, exhausting, and just annoying some days. So if you are like me, you tend to look forward to the 30 minutes weekends that come. LOL seriously. (Yall know they aint that long) This week while driving home, “Grace” kept popping up in my head. God’s tender whisper of “Grace Sho, Grace Sho” and I couldn’t understand why he kept repeating that to me. I mean I know what Grace means, and I honestly didn’t need a lecture at that time sitting in my car in crazy traffic. But while hearing the word over and over again, it began to make sense. You see- for a while I had not slowed down (hence the traffic) to really hear and understand God (hence the repeated word) to really give myself grace. You see we talk all day long, about Grace to others, and the grace that God gives us, but how many of us are really extending the same amount to ourselves.

If you are anything like me, I am my biggest critic. I don’t need others to try and talk me out of something because I could honestly do it myself. But the truth of the matter, after all this time had passed, I still found myself weeping  about poor decisions I made years ago. I found myself harping over things that God had ALREADY forgave me for. Decisions, choices, and actions for things he knew I would fail doing which is why he gave me Mercy. He had already forgave me before I even did them. But how was it that years later, I still felt guilt, shame, and regret? How can I be doing kingdom work while not even practicing the same things on myself. We don't even realize that our spirit does not know when we are joking or being too hard on ourselves, so we feel and eventually say could possibly manifest. As they say there is power of life and death in our tongue. It made me realize that the enemy knows our daily fight with out flesh and out repeated decision to choose spirit can sometimes waver. We sometimes believe we are not worthy of accepting our past, and just simply moving on. But God reminded me that on that day his true and strongest words "IT IS DONE" Begin to understand that you are not a slave to your past, or poor choices, but you are a warrior ready for battle in your future. Be Gentle with yourself, Speak life in to yourself. Ask God for wisdom so those decisions don't make its way to you again, but most of all- extend yourself some grace to know that who you once were, you are no longer!