Meet SHO

Heyyyyyyy Yall! its SHO!
Rather you know me from following me on Instagram back a few years ago when I use to have a segment called #TransparencyTuesdays With Sho, I've always been very unapologetic about my FAITH and my relationship with God. But sadly, I didn't see much representation of the unfiltered Christian. Unfiltered in a way that couldn't be explained, and it wasn't the norm.
The LOUD Christian.
The kinda ratchet Christian.
The Not held in bondage Christian.
You know Her?
That IS me.
But sadly, I didn't see many people, women especially who had a "Peter" mentality when it came to the love of Jesus. Many people want expect to see a "Peter" in a woman. A woman who was on fire for Jesus, loved him with all of her being, slice a ear off for Jesus in a HOT second, all while still failing Jesus daily! All while knowing that Jesus loved me JUST AS MUCH!

Along came Pretty And Prayed Up! My mission was create a community of women who didn't have to choose between what a Christian woman should look like. A community of women who may not know all the scriptures, all the worship songs, or even know GOD at all. Because over here @ Pretty And Prayed Up, whatever you look like- Please believe, we are letting you in with OPEN ARMS! Just like Jesus did with us! So Yes! You can be popping and love the lord, all while speaking the fruits of HIS WORD and changing the world forever more!


CEO & Founder

Shaurice (SHO)


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